About Steve

About Steve and his website expertise:

Steve brings a caring attitude and an in-depth website expertise from his varied background in computer science / electrical engineering and 25+ year experience as a software and hardware developer and project manager at Hewlett-Packard. Currently he’s the founder of “The Web Fellow” and develops websites and social media for small businesses.

He and his small team develop a range of website and social media solutions ranging from one-page websites that easily help small business get started to complex forms data processing solutions.

Steve loves collaborating with his clients to figure out just the right web site / social media solution and combination that makes a difference. Clients come to him because they’ve been frustrated with web developers that “don’t get them”, or are tired of expensive website proposals that are confusing and have a lot of jargon that isn’t easily understood. Steve enjoys ballroom dancing, hiking, skiing, and movies with his wife Connie. Holder of 14+ US/International patents in software and firmware.

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