Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s your philosophy when working with clients?

Connecting effectively with customers and clients has been an important value for me ever since starting at HP in developing customer software applications early in my career. I like to meet initially with clients and discover together the keys that will make them successful in their business based on my talents, skills, and abilities. We collaborate together to create a website or social media presence that is just what the customer needs for the next step in their development.

Can a new client that doesn’t know very much about a website work with you?

I really enjoy building rapport with a new client and then helping them in terms they will understand how a website will help them in their business. I thoroughly enjoy learning about their business and figuring out how the right website and social media can help make them successful. We generally focus on the business side of things and depending upon their interest I’ll help them understand the website specifics. Some get very interested and end up making their own content changes.

How much does it cost?

Developing a website depends significantly on the particular needs of each client. I work to be as cost-effective as possible while maintaining my ability to have a viable business. Often with good creative insights I can keep costs very reasonable. My clients consistently appreciate my approach. You’ll find I’m quite cost effective and competitive.

Tell me about your experience.

I started my career at Hewlett-Packard developing small business accounting packages for a dedicated small business computer. This led to many other design and development experiences. I had a very successful career working with them as an individual developer, as a team lead, and as a Project Manager (see www.linkedin.com/in/stevenghenry). I’ve developed hardware, firmware, and software with my recent contributions being in the area of fleet management software for high-end multi-function peripherals. I was consistently awarded stock options and merit increases and really enjoyed working in the corporate environment. A few years ago it was time for a career change when HP offered me an early retirement package along with many other employees. I immediately decided I wanted to get into website development and began an intensive learning project leveraging all of my C#, C, firmware, and engineering background. I’ve spent a lot of practical time learning how to develop in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and WordPress. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 months when I’ve been learning the Sandler method of Sales to really help build a connection with potential clients. I’ll probably always continue this training because it is so interesting and helpful for consultative sales.

What’s it like to work with you?

I’m an effective listener and usually begin with a 30-45 minute consultation. During that time I ask a lot of questions in an effort to understand the key aspects of your business that would benefit from a new or changed website or social media design. Sometimes I’ll need to answer a question you ask with another question that helps us explore what’s really going on. I also help you understand how I work by giving you lots of opportunities to ask me questions. We’ll explore your timeframe and budget. Ultimately we’ll decide near the end of the meeting whether or not I can help you. I encourage my potential clients to tell me “no” if they don’t think I’m a good fit. Sometimes I’ll need to tell a client that I can’t help them but will often offer a referral. Usually we’re able to figure out if we have an interest match at that meeting. If we do, I’ll generate a proposal that almost always is accepted. We’ll then get into the specific aspects of the design.

Do you work on your own or do you have help?

I have a small and very talented set of people I collaborate with for specific aspects of the design and development. I usually do the front end strategy and specification with a client and then count on collaboration from my team. I’m involved throughout the entire process.

I don’t want to update my own content all the time. Can you help me?

Yep. I provide a variety of different services to help you keep your content updated. This really varies depending upon what you need. Some small business owners only need to make occasionally changes, where others need changes almost weekly. We figure out a good way to collaborate together.

I want to update my content to save costs. Can you help me?

Certainly. That’s one of the main advantages of content management systems. My wife is a very talented math teacher at Front Range Community College and I count on her to provide one-on-one coaching and training on how to make changes to your WordPress (or Joomla) site for those clients who request this service. This can be very cost effective and enjoyable. The advantage of this is that most people if they can use a word processor can learn in about an hour how to make many of the modifications they will need on a site for themselves. That way you don’t have to track me down in the middle of the night for making a quick change in an item price or a service. You can work with me on the more complex changes.